Build-up a foundational running base
If you had a longer break, this heart rate based plan helps to start again with regular running and builds up a good foundation of endurance and strength by mixing strengthening runs with easy running sessions. This plan works primarily with time and duration. With lower intensities it is important how _long_ you are on the track, not how far. The distance does not have an important role, when building up long run capabilities. Disclaimer: This is an example plan for the Tredict training plans publishing feature.
Training phase:
Foundation The foundation phase takes care of the important basic endurance and subsequently prepares the basis for further more specialised training phases.
Zone type:
Heart rate
Heart rate The intensities and efforts of the plan are based, among other things, on the heart rate during training. A heart rate monitor is required.
Performance level: Beginners
Beginners Newcomers or those returning to endurance sports will find this plan a suitable composition.
Applicability: All connected athletes
All connected athletes The buyer may apply the plan to himself and his associated athletes. As often as desired.
License: CC BY 4.0
Attribution The "Creative Commons BY" license allows third parties to distribute, remix, improve and build upon a work, even commercially, as long as the creator of the original is credited. Link to licence description
Felix Gertz
Hello, I am the inventor of Tredict. I am a runner and gravel cyclist and inspired by Scott Jurek, Matt Fitzgerald, Alina Reh, Joe Kelbel…
The intensity calculation of this training plan works on the basis of your measured heart rate. A heart rate monitor, e.g. a chest strap or an optical heart rate monitor on the wrist, is required when exercising. Tredict supports most modern sensors and training devices.

Learn more about Tredict with the glossary or read the blog.

Capacity values briefly explained
HRmax: The maximum heart rate your heart can deliver under very heavy load.

FTPa: Functional Threshold Pace - The maximum speed you can maintain for about an hour.

FTP: Functional Threshold Power - The maximum wattage you can maintain for about an hour.

The relative intensity values of a training session are converted into your personal absolute intensity values when using the plan, based on the capacity values. 70% HRmax thus become 140bpm, if your maximum heart rate in the capacity values is set to 200bpm.
Tredict's intensity calculation is based on the training duration, so the distance of the training plan changes according to your personal FTPa.
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