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Paul van Dam
I'm running and biking since I was seven years old. Since then I was enthusiastic and later I became sort of a multisport fanatic. I enjoyed all kinds of sports, like hiking, climbing, swimming, triatlon, etc.. Many more came along. My coaches and trainers learned me to constantly change the way I train my body and mind, to have the biggest effort and keep on learning moren new skills in sports. A very important side effect was and still is that it made me more resilient in all kinds of situation during my life. Quicker recovery was very important since I like to expand my limits. I noticed that if I really wanted it, I only needed to focus and train, and I good actually do it.
More than 35 years ago I was asked to become a coach and trainer because of my enthusiasm and way of training. I still had a lot to learn and never stopt doing that. New ways of training and coaching, new insides on different subjects, always looking for new ways to make training and coaching suitable for a specific person/athlete. In it all the things of life that have impact on the person/athlete, the private situation, work, sports, stress, health, etc.. Only than coaching and training can be effective in my opinion.
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Coach for Cycling, Running and Triathlon
Netherlands 🇳🇱
English and Nederlands
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