Boston 2:45
My plan for the Boston Marathon with goal time 2:45. I contains general workouts with some added hill trainings and several stair runs.
Training phases:
Foundation The foundation phase takes care of the important basic endurance and subsequently prepares the basis for further more specialised training phases.
Build In the build-up phase, volumes are increased and specialised units are added. The build-up phase takes the momentum of the foundation phase, builds on it and leads purposefully to the intensive phase or the seasonal plateau.
Intensive In the intensive phase of a training season, the main aim is to add endurance, speed and efficiency to what is already there. The volumes remain high. High-intensity sessions and other specific workouts are regularly added.
Tapering Race preparation is characterised by reduced volumes and tapering. Sometimes special training sessions are added to increase efficiency.
Zone type:
Pace / Tempo
Pace / Tempo The intensities and efforts of the plan are calculated using the speeds of the workouts.
Performance level: Advanced
Advanced Athletes with some experience and a good level of endurance can progress with these plans.
License: CC BY 4.0
Attribution The "Creative Commons BY" license allows third parties to distribute, remix, improve and build upon a work, even commercially, as long as the creator of the original is credited. Link to licence description
Philipp Huhn
I'm no professional coach or athlete. I went through some training plans and now decided to create my own ones. Again: I'm no professiona…
This training plan works on the basis of measured speed. A speedometer, e.g. a sports watch or an accelerometer on a bicycle, is required when exercising. Tredict supports most modern sensors and training devices.

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Capacity values briefly explained
HRmax: The maximum heart rate your heart can deliver under very heavy load.

FTPa: Functional Threshold Pace - The maximum speed you can maintain for about an hour.

FTP: Functional Threshold Power - The maximum wattage you can maintain for about an hour.

The relative intensity values of a training session are converted into your personal absolute intensity values when using the plan, based on the capacity values. 70% HRmax thus become 140bpm, if your maximum heart rate in the capacity values is set to 200bpm.
Tredict's intensity calculation is based on the training duration, so the distance of the training plan changes according to your personal FTPa.
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